Shri Shakun


The male native of the Hasta Nakshatra will have a cool and calm nature. He tends to have a very charming smile that readily attracts members of the opposite sex. These inherent qualities have a positive impact on others, and once you get to know them, it is difficult to neglect them, and he is highly esteemed in society. This Hasta Nakshatra native is always ready to help the needy, but what’s more, he does so without any expectations. Deception is not in his creed, and he will never cheat others even at the cost of life and limb. As far as lifestyle is concerned, he leads a simple life, even if he is rich because he does not believe in flaunting his wealth. Despite all these positive qualities, he only gets criticism in return, but he has vast reserves of patience and is confident that one day his efforts will be rewarded.
The Hasta Nakshatra native is very disciplined as a professional. These natives quickly grow to lead their organisations or become businessmen. They possess a good educational foundation and excellent general knowledge. Since he is a good listener, this native generally has an ability to settle disputes among his associates. Before he reaches the age of 30, there will be a lot of uncertainty in his life, but the period between 30 and 42 years of age will be his most fortunate time, both on the professional and personal fronts. After 64 years of age, the Hasta Nakshatra native will be literally minting money.
The Hasta Nakshatra native has a happy married life. He enjoys a good rapport with his wife, who conducts the household work admirably. A little friction is only to be expected as in any normal relationship, but since both have good understanding and are flexible, these differences will be ironed out in no time. However, one odd trait observed in the wife of this native is that she may indulge in same-sex activities.
The Hasta Nakshatra native is likely to catch a cough and cold frequently, especially during changing weather. He should take care that he does not develop asthma. What does your zodiac sign tell about you? Find Now!
The female native of the Hasta Nakshatra is naturally shy. She has great regards for elders, but she may not like to be ordered around. She is outspoken and does not care what impact her words may have. This is the reason some relatives may resent her behaviour.
Generally, it has been observed that these female natives do not work because there is no financial compulsion in the household, with her husband and in-laws being well-off. However, when she is married into a house with a humble background, she usually works in the fields as a farmer, or at construction sites.
She is most likely to enjoy a smooth and compatible conjugal life. Her husband will be rich and caring. She will enjoy bringing up her children.
The female natives of the Hasta Nakshatra are gifted with good health but are prone to minor problems such as high blood pressure, varicose veins, and asthma in the later stages of her life. Unveil your hidden potential and future prospects with your Personalised Janampatri!

Hasta Nakshatra Padas

1st Pada
The first pada of the Hasta Nakshatra comes in the Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. It signifies an excess of energy and makes the native an expert in shady activities.
2nd Pada
The second pada of the Hasta Nakshatra falls in the Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. Here the focus is on practicality and material enjoyment. Natives here are more honest than natives of other padas.
3rd Pada
The third pada of the Hasta Nakshatra comes in the Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada belongs to businessmen and professionals. Natives of this pada are very intelligent and clever.
4th Pada
The fourth pada of the Hasta Nakshatra comes in the Cancer Navamsa ruled by the Moon. The focus here is on harmony in the family and material security. The best and worst qualities of the natives are manifested in this pada.
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